Victoria 2 Save Editor

This is a modding guide for Save-game editing. Save location. Save files are located in Victoria 2's installation directory (ie C:\Program .... Список утилит для моддинга: Victoria 2 Savegame Editor/Analyzer Project Редактор ... Clausewitz Save Game and Scenario Editor/Viewer.. I'd like to edit some save files, you know, for sh*ts and giggles (Liberian ... 2) Using Victoria 2 Savegame Editor/Analyzer by TheDarkside for .... Kotor 2 Saved Game Editor - posted in The KotOR2 Universe: Hey all, I'm looking ... Crusader Kings II Victoria 2: A House Divided Victoria 2: Heart of Darkness .... Default Victoria 2 Editing. Hello, I'm trying to edit a save game of mine so that nations that I released will NOT become puppets. As if they were ... 0f7f4bf4fe